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Soft Gold and Burgundy

Hello hello,

So fairly recently it was my birthday so I happen to get my hands on some new makeup. (Lol my friends know me well and I’m pretty easy to please)

With new makeup especially eye shadow and lipstick I immediately started swatching like a wannabe beautuber and thinking of what looks to come up with. Being in college and loving sleep I usually choose sleep over waking up earlier to put on makeup. (Or i will go to class late…I’m not a good student as you read)

So I was thinking, if I come up with eye shadow looks ahead of time with specific shadows I could refer back to this post for reference and be prepared while saving time. So mainly this post is more for me but hey if you have this palate or similar colors we can help each other out with planning out our makeup so we can be more efficient in the morning.

The palate I’m using is the Sephora Enchanted Sky Palatte.

The shades consist of

  1. Matte pale pint tint beige
  2. Matte yellow tint white
  3. Matte light cool tone brown
  4. Shimmer light bronze brown
  5. Shimmer light gold
  6. Shimmer purple burgundy
  7. Matte ashy grey lavender
  8. Matte dark cool tone brown

For the look I was going for was a soft gold and burgundy look. Some thing simple with some holiday festivity.

  • With 2 I would put an thin layer all over the lid for a base.
  • With 3 I would put it in the crease, outer lid, and 1/3 of outer lower last line.
  • 8 would go in th outer lid and 1/3 of outer lower last line
  • 2 would be put on the inner lid amd lower lash line.
  • 6 would be put in the center of the lid.
  • 5 would be used as an inner corner highlight.
  • Finished off with a simple thinner cat eye liner and a slightly arched brow

Now with this all being said will I be able to achieve this look probably not. As much as I love makeup im still a novice so we will have to see. I could definitely make the inner corner pop more and make the burgundy more prominent. Hopefully my actual lashes won’t be as chunky.

Hopefully I will try this look and update to see how wearable it is, any improvements to the steps, ect.

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Weekly Tarot Card

King of Pentacles

He is an enterprising individual, a man possessing multifarious talents. He has the golden touch of Midas, gilding everything around him with a sumptuous gleam.

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Rose Weekly Planner

Hello yall,

I’m back to bullet journaling especially with only a week and a half of classes left and finals starting next week. So the best way to spend my time is to procrastinate by doing everything other than studying.

This week I have a very simple layout with roses for a very weird specific reason. With it still being November, I could have done classic warm tones with coffee and leaves icon theme or start to do more festive holiday theme with December coming.

The reason I chose roses is because of how cold the weather has become and how much it makes me want to snuggle up warm in bed watch shows. As a middle schooler  I loved anime particularly Vampire Knight. It is not the greatest show with some typical questionable anime motifs but some cute moments. I specifically remember watching this when it was fall/winter. Also the setting in the show was mainly in an area with snow or when it was cold.

Long story short cold weather reminds me of Vampire Knight which is why I chose this theme. I broke it down into 6 sections for my classes and one for other tasks I need to complete.

I suck at shading so the tape on the corner of the boxes are definitely not shaded correctly. But overall it is a clean simple layout.

For anyone with finals coming soon, good luck, make sure you do eat, try to take breaks and moments to decompress, and work hard because the semester is almost over.

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Childish Purple Weekly Spread

Hello hello,

I don’t have much to say. This is a super childish weekly spread to help me stop being a hot mess. I organized it by my classes rather than days because I usually try to finish as much homework during the weekend so I can “review” during the weekday. Also I don’t have a ton of upcoming events/ exams/ papers so organizing by time isn’t as important this week.
But to decorate it I added these adorable bats seen on study.susan‘s instagram. They are quite adorable and pretty easy to draw.

But ya that is it.


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Heart of Dragon Eye Shadow Palate

Hello hello,

So ya this happened. I’m someone who loves makeup, loves experimenting with new colors/styles, though like to keep things drugstore/reasonably priced.

I also LOVE dragons. Since I was a child it has been my favorite mythical animal ever. My dream was to buy all of tho0lse Dragonology books from the Book Fair but they were more pricey so I didn’t want to ask my parents for money.

I’m someone who live on Youtube and watch so many beautubers. Seeing creators make their own products or testing things get my creative juices flowing. So came the dragon inspired eyeshadow palette. This is an idea I’ve keep in my idea notebook for a while so it is kind of exciting to see this come to life. Yes my art/design skill suck, yes I know Wet n Wild and Menagerie Cosemetics has Dragon theme makeup but I decided it’s for fun so why not

I’m not really in love with this packaging design. I was going for a leather book vibe with dragon scales and an oval shape (like the Dragonology books). I think I got a nice background, some interesting textures, but the image is very 2D, the palate name isn’t that unique and the eye isn’t the greatest symbol. I wanted a circular metal dragon at the center with a jewel but drawing dragons goes beyond my artistic capabilities. So now it looks more like a Gravity Falls Bill Cypher or Lord of the Rings palette.

I am pretty happy with how most of my eyeshadows came out. I wanted obviously some warm tones to capture the firey essence of dragons but wanted this to be versatile and and flexible for all as best as possible, of course in theory since it is just a drawing. So this their name from top to bottom, left to right.

1. Ablaze (magenta/red metallic with gold & purple glitters)

2. Scorch (orange/copper metallic with yellow, gold, and red glitters)

3. Guardian (blue/purple metallic with sliver & violet glitter)

4. Grounded (dark brown with orange tint)

5. First Flight (pastel blue with a blue/grey tint with silver, pink, and sky blue glitter)

6. Teeth (washed put pastel yellow)

7. Smolder (dark mauve with brown/purple tint)

8. Claw (light cool tone brown)

9. Scales (dark charcoal navy)

I like how there some pop of warm colors other than the stereotypically red or orange for fire. Ablaze and Scorch are much more multifaceted with reflex glitter to give them more dimensions. Guardian is also a nice pop but a galaxy, blue fire moment that would looks cool but would come off almost warm.

Smolder and Claw might be a nice transition shade for those who are more neutral to cool tone. A bit of Grounded for those with darker complexions and a light hand in Grounded for those who are more warm tone.

Grounded and Scales are more outer crease shade or to add depth.

Teeth would be nice to blend out harsh lines for light medium to medium shades. I think it may work well brighten or to set cut creases. Though it may be too pale for darker complexions (better to use Claw with Grounded depending on how rich your skin tone is) and too yellow for those with lighter complexion (light hand in Claw could be better).

And of course First Flight for that inner corner or even under water line highlight.

I know this is all make believe but it was really fun making this. Not all the ideas in my head make it to paper but I’m glad I was able to bring this together.

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The Score Weekly Planner


So I had made this spread the week after The Score performed. First off did not know of them till my amazing friend asked me if I wanted to go to a concert to watch them. But oh man did I love their music. It has that rock punk vibe that I love along with good, well thoug9ht out lyrics. Like the lyrics are motivating without being cheesey and really gets you pumping.

My favorites are definitely Revolution and Don’t Wanna Be.

Well they came to my college area so we went to the bar and watched them live. This being my first concert ever and it was just so amazing. Like the energy and the vibe in the room was incredible. Like it was a vibe.

It was even more special being with one of my best friends.

I ended up really not using the using the spread to keep me organized but I did like minimalistic look so I still wanted to share it.

But honestly this is more of a you should totally check out The Score on Spotify or Youtube or any music app because Revolution will be your jam anthem forever.

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Baymax Weekly Planner


So I took a week off because well I’m lazy and I got busy again from college. But I’m back~ This week has been kind of interesting because we had some serious bad weather so classes were canceled Monday. Also I have a very important Biology exam this week so being organized and preparing will be importnant.

So I decided I needed something to check my mental sanity through all of this. I based this week’s planner on the lovable personal health care provider Baymax.

I kept it simple from Monday to Friday with the final column to list out what I need to do to prepare for my exam. Had a little Baymax though he eyes are mind of bug like. Oops. Also underneath the days I included a health meter as I dont know a cute icon where every time I finish the task i can get max health. Felt inspired by the bawse hustler herself on SuperwomanVlogs.

I like the simplicity of the spread though the columns are a bit narrow.

Anyways hope I can be more productive after this.